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we exhibit on Asia World Expo 18-21 April 2016
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we exhibit on Asia World Expo 18-21 April 2016
Booth 7M38

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A little bit history

Hi I have cleaned my desk a little bit and found our first  fitness device. Looks also amazing or ?





Visiting CES2016 in LAS VEGAS

Hello all togehter. Today is our last day here in Vegas

It was one of the best Consume Tradeshows ever. We saw a lot of very innovative products. Also in the VENICE a complete hall with kick starters and entrepreneurs. We made a lot of fruitful contacts which will help us to finish our Kickstarter campaign hopefully successful.

Most people we met where very impressed about our Fitti project.




IMG_0364 IMG_0387 IMG_0369 IMG_0410 IMG_0437 IMG_0442 IMG_0443 IMG_0444 IMG_0461 IMG_0470



Enjoy our pictures we made during our visit. As you can see the UV index was temporary 12. That means you need sun protection. It´s really dangerous because of the cold air here. Within minutes you can be sun burned.




Testing our new HMI

First Gamma Ray count test :-)

It´s time to test. This night the belgium government will restart there more then 40 year old atomic ticking time bomb Thiange. We are based 70km away. It´s really a bad scary feeling. Hopefully they will stop as soon as possible to use this old marode atomic power plants.
Restarting Thiange is unreasonable and against the will of hundred thousand people in Belgium and Germany and at risk of thousands of existences, million people, animals and the national park (Eifel)


Our first Promo Video for our Kickstarter Campaign starting 29.March.2016

hope you like it :-)






First Pictures of the IXO vs. FitBit Surge

I think IXO is a real midsize device because of the new display size.

hope you like it


2015-10-10 00.04.18 2015-10-10 00.05.08 2015-10-10 00.06.55 2015-10-10 00.07.06 2015-10-10 00.07.22 2015-10-10 00.42.162015-10-10 01.05.20



We have setup our Webpage (not on air right now)

Bildschirmfoto 2015-10-06 um 10.51.53

This is an example for what we want to do here. will show heat maps for a better overview where it´s noisy, bad air or Xray. Also you will find there some other stuff and ideas about what you can do with our IXO wristband…..You will be surprised what´s possible


We are so proud to show the first view of our watch called IXO based on Fitti-2

Fitti-3           IXO_index 2

it´s really a beauty isn´t it ?

Thanks to my team and to all who are involved to realize this project.

Thank you guys and lets now move to the next level

Fitti-2 sensors:

the platform Fitti-2 is actual equipped with 10 sensors

Fitti_Icon HW

Most of the sensors (green) are tracking environmental data.

The PPG Heartrate sensor and the 3axis accelerometer are mainly used for tracking your activity

  • GPS
  • PPG Heartrate
  • Airquality (Co2)
  • Humidity
  • barometric pressure
  • X-Ray (Gamma count)
  • environmental temperature
  • noise sensor
  • 3-axis accelerometer
  • UV sensor

Fitti-2 functions:

Firmware integration


Fitti_icon functions

  • GPS
  • UV Index
  • Air quality
  • Flightmode (shut down wireless connection)
  • very active minutes
  • humidity
  • barometric pressure
  • X-Ray gamma count
  • burned calories
  • notification caller ID
  • environmental temperature
  • noise level
  • heart rate per minute
  • remote function
  • silent wake up alarm (vibration)
  • Altitude
  • step counts
  • event counter
  • date and time
  • weather warning / forecast
  • sleep monitoring
  • distance
  • fall detection
  • Stopwatch
  • BLE and classic Bluetooth
  • very long battery (21 days) and standby time (3 month)
  • optimized for moving recognition based on our neurostack technology